The Infamous murder trial that inspired 'Murder in Bloomsbury'

I think it is the journalist in me that is often inspired to turn true-life events into fiction.

Accused murderess Madeleine Smith (Public Domain Photo)

My first Atlas Catesby mystery, Murder in Mayfair, was inspired by a real incident that took place back in the 1700s, when a duke purchased the wife of an ostler who was selling the woman to the highest bidder. 

My second Atlas Catesby novel, Murder in Bloomsbury, borrows liberally from a sensational murder trial that occurred in Scotland in the mid 1800s.

Glasgow socialite Madeleine Smith was accused of killing her low-born lover. The case had all of the elements of a high drama—blackmail, sex, poison and possibly murder. 

Letters detailing the passionate secret love affair were introduced in court and scandalized society at the time. I was fascinated to be able to read the transcript from the trial online. You’ll see elements of Madeleine Smith’s story throughout Murder in Bloomsbury

I hope you enjoy reading the second Atlas Catesby mystery as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it!

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